Hey, I'm Kyona!


I'm a UGC creator based in The Netherlands and I love to make content by combining my passions for wellness, books, fashion, travel and lifestyle. To create content with love, quality and passion is one of the things i hope to help company's with. I have experience in creating content for large audiences on social media and I have a great talent for photography. If you're interested  in seeing the analytics, go to this page

I have spent my entire life online, meaning I have always created and consumed content. Sinds I was a little kid I have loved to make videos\photo but not sinds I became older did anything with that passion. Until now of course!



UGC: user generated content, is authentic & original content produced by creators. Brands can post this content on their social media platsforms or use this content as ads. UGC comes in all sorts of forms, photos, videos, reviews, comments or blog posts. 


Why you should invest: 

  • Higher engagement rates
  • Use content as ads
  • Most UGC creators grew up with social media so they know what people want to see and what attracts their attention.
  • It provides a sense of community
  • Business relate content
  • Improves traffic to brand and conversions