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So the meaning of this blog is to tell you guys about the books that I read, what they're about, and my thoughts. Now there are different categories about series that I read and there is a whole page about stand-alone romance books. As I already told you I mostly read romance but maybe in the future there will also be a fantasy or maybe crime categorie added to my book blog.

Authors you will probably see a lot on my blog

You will most likely find books on my blog with Colleen Hoover and Penelope Douglas as author. If you love those authors my blog is definitly worth reading, because I will write about there books a lot. Colleen Hoover is so good at writing plot twist every time I read one of her books I'm littarly shocked. She is amazing!  Penelope Douglas has written one of my favourite books series ever which is called the Devils night series. If you wanna read about what devils night series is about you can go to the categories series and there you will find de blog about the devils night series. 

Which author do you love more?

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Book tropes

If I'm talking about romance book tropes I love most of them. I can't really tell if I like al tropes because I haven't read all of them. The tropes that I love so far are fake dating, bully romance, brothers best friend, enemies to lovers, childhood friends to lovers, friends to enemies to lovers, I hate everyone in the world but you and good boy, bad girl. I like slow burn but if it takes to long for them to get together I get kinda bored. When they eventually get together, I like it, but it draws my attention away when it takes to long for them to get together, but that’s my opinion. One of my favourite tropes is enemies to lovers, It's just amazing and if you haven't read any book with enemies to lovers you definitely should. 


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