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About me 

Hi! My name is Kyona and welcome to my book blog!

As you can probably tell, I love books and I also spend too much money on them. To be honest I don't mind because I love to read that's why I also thought about starting a book blog.

I have an Instagram account where I post pictures about books and then tell what the book is about and what my thoughts were on the book. I started doing this in 2021 and I love it. So I thought, what about writing a blog? I loved the idea so here I am! I'm also passionate about music. I try to play piano and it's really difficult but I'm getting there. I also make a playlist related to a certain book on Spotify so it reminds me of the book and what I felt when I read it.

Inspiring people is also something I love to do but mostly with books. Some of my friends started reading because of me and it's so fun to talk to them about certain books. They just take you to another universe or world with your own imagination. I mostly read romance but I’m open to all sorts of books. But on this blog, you will mostly find romance books.

Also, I'm madly in love with Damon Torrance from the devils night Serie <3 


Where it all began

I think I started reading when I was 13 because of my niece. In 2019 I saw a movie with my best friend and then it became one of my favorite movies ever. Then I found out through my niece that there was a book series about the movie. She told me about the after series and that she read it when she was younger. My niece told me that I will like it, so I started reading. That's where it all began and when I finished the after series I wanted to read more and more. It became my obsession because I could escape reality for a few moments. I started reading one of my favourite authors, Colleen Hoover and when I tell you that she is a good author,  she is a good author. She has one of the most amazing books ever that made me cry but also really happy. And the plot twist of every book she writes. They are littarly the best!! 

I hope y’all enjoy my book blog:)


Item collectors 

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Jamie Berkien
4 days ago

You rock book nerd❤️

5 days ago


13 days ago

U can call me fan Hoover

Angelina Van Huis
8 months ago

Ziet er goed uit Kyona 👍

8 months ago

Oprecht goede en mooie site

Respect 🫡